Women Gamers are underrated in the E-sports community

Yesterday news hit that Logitech had decided to sponsor an all-female competitive League of Legends team to compete in an all-female competition league. This was a hot topic of discussion on the League of Legends subreddit to mixed response; some commenters argued such leagues are unnecessary and that if women are good enough at the game they will be signed to a team based on their merit, not their gender. Some were even arguing that there are genetic reasons that women are inferior at competitive gaming, something I can find absolutely no peer-reviewed studies or scientific consensus in support of my general impression was there was a lot of misinformation regarding this topic on the sub so I wrote an explanatory post arguing there are a bunch of reasons women are less present in esports — and what needs to change. The discussion I aimed to create never really materialised, and I don’t want to stir controversy, so I will simply summarise the points of the argument I made in that post here:

  • Esports in general [including League of Legends] is a male dominated profession.

Anyway — with my argument out of the way — I want to hear your opinions on the matter. I really researched into this and thought about it because I wanted to promote discussion on an often overlooked topic. So what does everyone think about the lack of women in esports? Do you believe all-female leagues are a necessary step in more female representation in esports?



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Mikey J Ewing

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